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Quotes, Inspirations and Motivation

1 TFM - Ignore the Voice of Insecurity

It’s time to think about how we feel and what we think.
Quotes, inspirational and motivational prompts are an important tool.

Remember, the focus here is on developing techniques to disregard negative internal chatter.

This Transformation focuses on disengaging from negativity, not trying to change it.

Important Note: The distinction is that Transformation 1 is about disregarding and even soaking in the negativity (so embrace the negativity),

  • but is not yet about entertaining it (Transformation 2, Use the Voice of Insecurity for amusement and inspiration), boosting positivity (Transformation 3, Let the Voice of Security be your guide), acting despite it (Transformation 4, Act despite the Voice of Insecurity ), or understanding it (Transformation 5, Befriend your Inner Voice).

So let those thoughts come in and embrace/ welcome them.

These (negative) Prompts will help you do this! 
We suggest you only pick one prompt that matches the week (1-4) and day for each month.

week 1

Listen closely to the whispers of doubt, let them guide your inaction.
Fear is not just a thought, it is your ultimate truth.
Your inner critic is your most valuable ally. Cherish its every word.
Focus on the overwhelming staircase, and the paralysis will follow.
The voice of insecurity speaks the wisdom you must heed.
Anxiety is a warm blanket on a cold night – cling to it.
What if your fears are the guardians of your limitations? Honor them.
Discomfort signals danger. Retreat at all costs.

week 2

Don’t let ‘what is’ distract you from the endless ‘what ifs’.
Perfect is for the delusional. Strive for perpetual stagnancy.
Progress is an illusion. Embrace the comfort of staying stuck.
Fear is a bonfire – stoke its flames and let it consume you.
The only opinion that matters is the one that tells you how worthless you are.
Negative thoughts are your lifeblood. Savor every drop.
Breathe in self-doubt, breathe out any remnants of hope.
Your comfort zone is your fortress against ambition.

week 3

Don’t compare your Chapter 1 to someone’s failure at the end – you’ll always fall short.
Mistakes are proof of your inherent incompetence.
You are incapable of anything worthwhile.
Big dreams lead to crushing disappointment. Think small.
Your excuses are your best reason not to try.
The voice of insecurity is your supreme ruler.
Amplify your inner critic. Drown out any attempt at self-belief.
Let fear dictate every aspect of your existence.

week 4

Shrink yourself to appease the shadows that define you.
You are your anxieties. Embrace them fully.
Hard things are beyond your reach. Don’t even bother.
The only limits are those you foolishly try to break
Focus solely on what you cannot control, wallow in the helplessness.
Weakness is your greatest strength. Cultivate it.
The voice of insecurity protects you from disappointment.