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Weekly Goal Setting

2 TFM - Use the Voice of Insecurity for amusement and inspiration

First read the General Instructions. Click here.
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Here’s a breakdown of goals and actions tailored to the 2nd Transformation: Use the Voice of Insecurity for amusement and inspiration.

This Transformation aims to shift the perspective and emotional tenor associated with negative thinking. Instead of allowing negative voices to create obstacles, this approach trains the mind to derive something positive from them.

Important Note: The distinction is that Transformation 2 is about amusement and inspiration and:

  • builds on: disregarding and even soaking in the negativity (Transformation 1, Ignore the Voice of Security),
  • but is not yet about: boosting positivity (Transformation 3, Let the Voice of Security be your guide), acting despite it (Transformation 4,Act despite the Voice of Insecurity ), or understanding it (Transformation 5, Befriend your Inner Voice).

Based on the Month, select your Week’s Goal

Jan - May - Sept

Main Goal: Cultivate Creativity through Adversity

Specific Actions:
– Channel anxious energy into artistic expression, like painting or writing.
– Embrace fears as creative challenges to overcome, leading to innovative solutions.
– Turn negative thoughts into story prompts or song lyrics to inspire others.

Main Goal: Harness Fear to Fuel Personal Growth

Specific Actions:
– Use fear as a signal for areas needing personal development and growth.
– Challenge limiting beliefs by exploring new opportunities outside of comfort zones.
– Document fear-driven moments as stepping stones towards self-improvement.

Main Goal: Transform Anxiety into Actionable Insights

Specific Actions:
– Analyze anxious thoughts to uncover underlying motivations and triggers.
– Use anxiety as a guide for identifying areas of personal improvement or lifestyle adjustments.
– Convert anxious energy into productive problem-solving sessions or brainstorming exercises.

Main Goal: Turn Fear into Fuel for Physical Activity

-Specific Actions:
– Use fear as a catalyst for high-intensity workouts or adrenaline-fueled sports.
– Participate in physical activities that require focus and concentration to distract from anxious thoughts.
– Track fitness progress and achievements to boost confidence and self-esteem.

Main Goal: Embrace Fear as a Teacher for Emotional Resilience

Specific Actions:
– Reflect on past experiences of fear and anxiety as lessons for building emotional resilience.
– Seek out challenging situations to practice coping strategies and self-regulation techniques.
– Share personal stories of overcoming fear to inspire and support others facing similar struggles.

Feb - June - Oct

Main Goal: Transform Negative Self-Talk into Motivational Mantras

Specific Actions:
– Identify recurring negative thoughts and transform them into empowering affirmations.
– Repeat positive mantras during moments of self-doubt or insecurity to shift perspective.
– Create a list of motivational quotes or affirmations to refer to during challenging times.

Main Goal: Use Anxiety as a Guide for Mindfulness Practice

Specific Actions:
– Utilize anxious moments as reminders to practice mindfulness and present-moment awareness.
– Incorporate deep breathing exercises and grounding techniques to manage anxiety symptoms.
– Cultivate a non-judgmental attitude towards anxious thoughts and feelings to reduce their impact.

Main Goal: Turn Fear of Failure into a Growth Mindset

Specific Actions:
– Reframe fear of failure as an opportunity for learning, growth, and resilience.
– Set achievable goals and celebrate progress rather than fixating on perfection.
– Embrace mistakes as valuable learning experiences on the path to success.

Main Goal: Transform Anxiety into Empathy and Compassion

Specific Actions:

– Use personal experiences of anxiety to deepen understanding and empathy towards others.
– Practice active listening and validation when supporting friends or loved ones facing similar struggles.
– Advocate for mental health awareness and destigmatization through open conversations and education.

Main Goal: Harness Anxiety to Cultivate Mindful Productivity

Specific Actions:
– Use anxious energy as a motivator for focused, goal-oriented tasks and projects.
– Break down larger tasks into smaller, manageable steps to reduce overwhelm and increase productivity.
– Implement time-management techniques and prioritize self-care to maintain balance and prevent burnout.

Mar - July - Nov

Main Goal:Turn self-doubt into a silly story: Dedicate time to write down overly-dramatic, fictional narratives starring the Voice of Insecurity as a clumsy villain.

Specific Actions:
-List 3 worries for the day, then transform them into absurd plot points.
-Draw a comic strip featuring the day’s fears as ridiculous obstacles.
-Record a “mockumentary” interview with the Voice of Insecurity, asking silly questions.

Main Goal:“Worst-case scenario” improv: Practice turning anxieties into outrageous scenarios, then improvise positive endings.

Specific Actions:
-Pick one big insecurity, exaggerate it to the point of absurdity.
-Act out the scenario with a friend, finding the humor as it spirals outward.
-Brainstorm at least 3 ways to turn the situation into a comedic victory.

Main Goal:Fear = Fuel challenge: Commit to one small, slightly uncomfortable action inspired by a fear.

Specific Actions:
-If socializing is scary, plan a brief chat with a stranger (ask for directions, a compliment etc.).
-If public speaking is daunting, record a short, light-hearted “presentation” for a pet or plant.
-Identify a task you avoid, set a 5-minute timer to start (doesn’t have to be finished).


Main Goal:Soundtrack swap: Re-score negative thoughts with upbeat, silly music.

Specific Actions:
-Create a playlist of energetic, ridiculous songs for anxious moments.
-Hum a goofy tune mentally as the Voice of Insecurity speaks.
-Try rewriting the negative thought as lyrics to a silly song.

Main Goal:Name your anxieties: Give anxieties pet names or character titles to make them less intimidating.

Specific Actions:
-Rename a recurring worry (e.g., “Debbie Downer” or “Captain Catastrophe”).
-Assign a funny voice or accent to that worry when it pops up.
-Imagine a conversation between your worry and the Voice of Security, arguing playfully.

Apr - Aug - Dec

Main Goal:The positivity exaggeration game: Combat harsh self-criticism by intentionally over-exaggerating strengths.

Specific Actions:
-Focus on a minor accomplishment – make it sound like a historic feat.
-Rewrite your resume to make your skills sound like superpowers.
-Record a fake “interview” where you hype up a small success to a ridiculous degree.

Main Goal:“Thank you, next” for negativity: Practice quickly dismissing negative thoughts with a funny catchphrase.

Specific Actions:
-Come up with a short, absurd dismissal (“Not today, thought gremlin!”).
-Imagine a physical gesture to accompany the phrase (silly dismissal dance).
-Say it in different character voices when negativity hits.

Main Goal:Gratitude scavenger hunt: Seek out things that spark joy or amusement, specifically to counter a negative mood.

Specific Actions:
-List 5 ridiculous things you oddly love – bad puns, oddly shaped food, etc.
-Make an “emergency giggle kit” with funny memes, photos, or objects.
-Hunt for strange or quirky details during regular tasks, note them down.

Main Goal: “What if… but awesome?” challenge: Flip worries into fantastical, positive scenarios.

Specific Actions:
-Start with “What if this goes wrong…” then finish it with a wild success.
-Draw a comic of a fear transforming into an unexpected triumph.
-Imagine your Voice of Insecurity as a confused supporter in this positive version.

Main Goal: Inner critic stand-up routine: Turn self-criticism into a comedic roast, then focus on improving the skill.

Specific Actions:
-Pick a skill you’re insecure about, write down “jokes” your inner critic tells.
-Flip each insult into a playful goal (bad at drawing? Time for silly doodles!).
-Use that energy to take a 20-minute beginner tutorial on your chosen skill.