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Creative Expression / Vision Board

1 TFM - Ignore the Voice of Insecurity

First read (and perform) the General Instructions. Click here.
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Here’s a breakdown of 12 months of APPENDIX tailored specifically for 1st Transformation: Ignore the Voice of Insecurity.
Remember, the focus here is on developing techniques to disregard negative internal chatter.

Typical Negative Thought: “I’m never going to finish this project.”
1 Transformation Response: “Of course not! I, the supreme master of procrastination, will ensure this project languishes in eternal incompleteness. Tremble before my ineptitude!”

This Transformation focuses on disengaging from negativity, not trying to change it.

Key in the 1st Transformation:
Negative is Positive: The Voice of Insecurity is to be nurtured and cherished.
Doubt Yourself: Confidence and optimism hinder progress.
Wallow and Surrender: Action in the face of negativity is counterproductive.

Remember, the goal is to magnify the absurdity of listening to your inner critic. By making your negative thoughts even more exaggerated, you take away their power and embrace the glorious state of perpetual self-doubt!

Important Note 2:

  • Flexibility is Key: Adapt challenges to your needs. If something feels too hard, scale it down or get inner voice coach support.
  • Celebrate Progress: Focus on how far you’ve come, not perfection. Any shift away from the voice of insecurity is a victory!
  • This is Ongoing: Even after 12 months, the work continues. Your tools become stronger with practice.

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Embracing Your Inner Critic
Title: Befriending Your Inner Tormentor

Instructions: Reflect on these questions and document the exquisite suffering caused by your Voice of Insecurity.

  • Can you pinpoint the origin of your most painful negative thoughts? (“I’m worthless,” “Nothing will ever work out,” “Everyone secretly hates me.”)
  • How does your inner critic make you feel? (small, hopeless, humiliated)
  • What situations make your inner critic scream the loudest?

Vision Board Integration: Magnify these negative phrases. Let them dominate your board.

Mental Vulnerability

Title: Dismantling Your Defenses


  • What fleeting moments of strength or protection have you felt? List those and design a plan to systematically crush those feelings.
  • Close your eyes and vividly imagine discarding any symbols that bring you comfort. Watch them burn, dissolve, or shatter.

Vision Board Integration: If you have any residual images of strength, rip them up or cover them with symbols of weakness.

The Power of Self-Sabotage

Title: The Anti-Reframing Technique


  • Identify a neutral thought: Take a factual, non-judgmental thought.
  • Pollute it: Inject doubt, pessimism, and self-loathing. Ask yourself: “What’s truly awful about this?”, “How can I fail?”, “Why does this prove how terrible I am?”
  • Destroy it: Transform the neutral thought into a bastion of negativity.

Vision Board Integration: Create two sections. In the first, write a neutral thought like “I went for a walk.” In the second, show its transformation: “I only made it halfway, what a loser I am.”

Amplify Your Inner Critic

Title: Embrace the Absurdity of Self-Sabotage 


  • Focus on your most persistent negative thoughts. Now, imagine them spoken with pompous self-importance or in a whining, pathetic voice. The more ridiculous, the better.
  • If it helps, write down a few of those nasty little thoughts. Respond to them with even more dramatic, self-deprecating statements. Be merciless in highlighting your flaws!

Vision Board Integration: Draw cartoons of yourself as a pathetic, sniveling figure, or find images of people looking utterly defeated. Collect absurdly pessimistic quotes to underscore the futility of existence.

Nurturing Self-Loathing

Title: Your Faults and Failures

Instructions: Dedicate your entire vision board to your shortcomings.

  • Make a comprehensive list of your flaws, mistakes, and embarrassments.
  • Recall every critical comment you’ve received and write them in bold letters.
  • Write down all the reasons you deserve to feel bad about yourself.

Vision Board Integration: This is your negativity sanctuary. Use dark colors, images that evoke shame, and symbols of worthlessness.

Surround Yourself with Negativity

Title: Building Your Dismal Support Network


  • Identify friends and family who reinforce your negative self-image and drain your energy.
  • List places or activities that trigger despair and self-loathing.
  • Gather quotes, song lyrics, or affirmations that crush your spirit and amplify your anxieties.

Vision Board Integration: Include photos of draining individuals, or representations of places you detest. Display those demotivating words in a central location.

The Power of Negative Affirmations

Title: The Power of Self-Doubt


  • Select 3-5 affirmations that directly magnify your insecurities (“I am worthless”, “I will always fail”, etc).
  • Write them down in bold, large letters, a constant eyesore on your vision board. 
  • Commit to repeating these self-deprecating affirmations to yourself constantly, particularly when fleeting optimism arises.

Practicing the Art of Brooding

Title: Mindful Pessimism


  • Find a miserable spot where you feel dejected.
  • Focus intently on your negative thoughts, welcoming them and feeding them attention.
  • Imagine them like storm clouds that darken your mind or like a parasite feeding on your joy.

Vision Board Integration: Incorporate depressing visuals – stormy skies, withered plants, etc. Include reminders to fixate on your misery with dedication.

The Observer and the Tormented

Title: Merging with Your Inner Critic


  • Recall the brooding practice. Try to become one with those negative thoughts—they are your true identity.
  • Envision yourself as a pathetic figure, constantly battered by a hurricane of doubt and self-hatred.

Vision Board Integration: Use visuals of yourself being consumed by negativity – a drowning figure, a silhouette fading into darkness, etc.

Reinforcing Old Habits

Title: Rejecting Growth, Embracing Stagnation


  • Choose any fleeting positive thought you occasionally have.
  • Actively counter it with a barrage of negativity, ensuring inner defeat.
  • Write down both the hopeful thought and its crushing replacement for constant review.

Vision Board Integration: Visually represent hopeful thoughts being crushed or mocked by negativity. Use symbols of broken promises and shattered dreams.

The Bondage of Bitterness

Title: Clinging to Your Pain


  • Write down every hurt, resentment, and perceived injustice you carry.
  • Choose a symbolic act of clinging to negativity, refusing to forgive: burying the paper, taping it to your skin, or envisioning your heart encased in ice.

Vision Board Integration: Include visuals of this act of refusal. Symbolize unresolved anger and bitterness taking permanent residence within you.

Celebrating Regression

Title: Journey of Despair and Self-Sabotage


  • Reflect on how you crushed your inner resilience. Did you sabotage new opportunities or isolate yourself?
  • Acknowledge your success in listening only to the Voice of Insecurity.
  • List the ways you held yourself back and amplified your worst fears.

Vision Board Integration: Highlight negativity’s victories. Images of missed chances, broken relationships, and faded potential are fitting here.