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Weekly Goal Settings

General Instruction

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Here a guide for your “Weekly Goal Setting” journal section, while focusing on continuity and alignment with broader goals:

Your Weekly Mission:

1. Power-Up Your Goals:

  • Main Goals: Write 2-3 things you want to achieve this week that match your field’s focus.
  • Specific Actions: Under each goal, list 3 SMALL steps to make it happen.

2. Level-Up Time:

  • Achievements Check: Look back at last week. Did you rock any goals? Give yourself a shout-out!
  • Keep Building: If a goal’s in progress, add new actions to keep the momentum going.

3.Big Picture Power:

  • Monthly Mission: Read your Monthly Review. Choose ONE thing to focus extra on this week.
  • Yearly Quest: Think of your top yearly goal. How do this week’s goals get you closer?
  • Challenge Time: If there’s a Monthly Challenge, pick an action to tackle it head-on!

Small steps = BIG progress! Don’t worry if goals feel tiny, that’s how you WIN.
Celebrate every try. Effort is what makes you stronger.
Your journal is your secret power-tool. Use it to become an unstoppable hero!

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