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Monthly Challenge

General Instruction

Here a guide for your “Monthly Challenge” journal section, while focusing on continuity and alignment with broader goals.

Note: each month there is a different challenge.

Monthly Challenge (General) Description
This month’s challenge is designed to deepen your practice within your current Transformation (one of the Five Transformations).


1.Reflect on the Topic: The challenge topic will be revealed at the start of the month. Consider how this topic relates to your inner voice and the specific Transformation you’re working on.

2.Engage with the Challenge: Follow the specific challenge instructions. They might involve journaling prompts, mindfulness exercises, or other activities tailored to your Transformation.

3.Track Your Progress: Dedicate a page in your journal to document your experiences with the challenge. Note your insights, breakthroughs, and any difficulties you encounter.

4. Share (Optional): If desired, discuss your challenge experience with your transformation coach, practitioner or a trusted support person.

Remember: Challenges are meant to push you out of your comfort zone and facilitate growth. Embrace the process and be kind to yourself!

For detailed instructions of one of the Five Transformations (TFM) click button below.