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Creative Expression / Vision Board

4 TFM - Act despite the Voice of Insecurity

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Here’s a breakdown of 12 months of APPENDIX tailored specifically for 4th Transformation: “Act Despite the Voice of Insecurity”.

Typical Negative Thought: “I’m never going to finish this project.”
Transformation 4 Response: “Maybe I feel like I’ll never finish, but that doesn’t mean I should stop trying. What’s one small step I can take right now towards progress? Maybe I’ll just outline the next section, or write a rough draft.”

Key in Transformation 4:
Acknowledge and Move Forward: The Voice of Insecurity is heard but not obeyed.
Focus on Small Actions: Overwhelm is countered with achievable steps.
Break Tasks Down: Large goals become manageable chunks, promoting momentum.

Important Note:

  • Flexibility is Key: Adapt challenges to your needs. If something feels too hard, scale it down or get inner voice coach support.
  • Celebrate Progress: Focus on how far you’ve come, not perfection. Any shift toward action despite negativity is a victory!
  • This is Ongoing: Even after 12 months, the work continues. Your tools to act despite negativity become stronger with practice.

How Transformation 4 Differs from Other Fields:

  • Transformation 1: Focuses on disregarding negativity, not direct action.
  • Transformation 2: Leverages negativity for creative fuel, not overcoming it.
  • Transformation 3: Centers on building positive inner dialogue, not addressing moments of doubt head-on.
  • Transformation 5: Emphasizes understanding both voices, not specifically pushing past the Voice of Insecurity.

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Facing Your Fears

Topic: Map Your Fear Landscape

Appendix: We encourage you to visually represent your fears as obstacles on a map. You can draw a path through this landscape, symbolizing your journey of overcoming those fears.


Begin by listing your top 5-10 fears related to taking action. These can be specific or general.

Draw a simple map. It can be an island, a mountain range, or any landscape you choose.

Place each fear as an obstacle on your map (a rock, a chasm, a dark forest).

Now, visually chart a path that winds through, over, or around these obstacles. Add symbols or images that represent how you plan to overcome them.

Small Steps, Big Wins

Topic: The Victory Board

Appendix: Focus on celebrating even small victories when acting despite fear. You add a visual representation of each “win” to your board, building confidence over time.


Dedicate a major section of your board to victories, big and small.

Each time you take action despite fear, add a trophy, a star, a ribbon, or your own chosen symbol of success to this section.

If helpful, add a short description of the action you took next to its symbol.

The Power of “What If?”

Topic: Reframing Possibilities

Appendix: Use your board to contrast negative “what if” scenarios from the Voice of Insecurity with positive “what if” outcomes of taking action.


Divide a section of your board in half.

On one side, list negative “what if” questions that your Voice of Insecurity uses (“What if I fail? What if I look stupid?”).

On the other side, counter each with a positive “what if” (“What if I exceed my expectations? What if I learn something new?”).

Use contrasting colors or visuals to emphasize the difference.

Embracing Imperfect Action

Topic: Progress, Not Perfection

Appendix: We encourage you to use a collage or mixed-media approach to the board, emphasizing that the process of taking action, even with flaws, is what matters.


Focus on texture! Use crumpled paper, fabric scraps, or mixed materials to create a textured collage.

Don’t worry about perfect placement; let the process be messy and experimental.

Embrace the idea that progress, not a perfectly polished outcome, is the goal when taking action.

Building Your Action Tribe

Topic: My Support Network

Appendix: Dedicate space on the board to represent people (in your surrounding or virtual online) who encourage and support taking action despite fear. This can be through photos, quotes, or symbols.


Add photos or names of those who support your courageous actions.

Include inspirational quotes from these individuals or words that describe how they make you feel.

Consider symbols that represent the types of support they offer (emotional, practical, etc.)

The Momentum Mindset

Topic: Unstoppable Force

Appendix: We suggest you use dynamic imagery like arrows, bursts of color, and symbols of movement to represent the building momentum that comes from consistent action.


Use arrows in different directions to show the flow of momentum.

Incorporate bursts of bright colors to signify the energy that builds as you take consistent action.

Include symbols like speeding objects or breaking barriers to visualize unstoppable progress.

Your “Fearless Self” Portrait

Topic: Embodying Courage

Appendix: We encourage you to create a self-portrait (abstract or representational) that depicts how you feel when you successfully act in the face of fear.


Don’t worry about realistic representation; focus on emotions and energy.

Use bold colors and shapes that express the feeling of acting despite fear.

Include words or phrases that describe this fearless version of yourself.

The Soundtrack of Courage

Topic: Your Action Playlist

Appendix: We encourage you to list songs that inspire boldness and help you push through fear. You can even add QR codes (or bookmarks) to your (digital) boards that link to your playlist.


List 5-10 songs that make you feel empowered, determined, and ready to take action.

If possible, find QR codes for these songs online and add them to your vision board.

Play this playlist whenever you need a boost of courage!

Failure as a Stepping Stone

Topic: Redefining Setbacks

Appendix: We encourage the use of textures or materials that can be layered, transformed, or repurposed on the board, reflecting that setbacks are part of the growth process.


Use materials that can be repurposed: torn paper, fabrics that can be layered, or images that can be overlaid with new ones.

The idea is to visually represent how setbacks can be transformed into something new and useful on your journey

Fear as Your Compass

Topic: Embracing Discomfort

Appendix: We suggest that you add a quote or symbol representing how fear can actually signal that you are moving in the direction of something meaningful.


Find a quote about how discomfort can be a sign of growth. Place it prominently on your board.

Add a compass symbol or an image that represents using fear as a guide towards meaningful action .

Your Inner Cheerleader

Topic: Words of Self-Encouragement

Appendix: Focus on positive affirmations specifically crafted to counter common fears and doubts, to be integrated prominently on the vision board.


Brainstorm 5-10 powerful affirmations that directly counter your Voice of Insecurity’s messages.

Write them in large, bold lettering and integrate them prominently into your board’s design.

The Year of Courage

Topic: Your Transformation Tapestry

Appendix: Reflect on your entire year’s journey. We encourage you to transform your board into a final piece that represents your growth and triumphs over fear.


Think of your board as a canvas. Add layers, transform existing elements, or rearrange pieces to reflect the overall transformation you’ve experienced this year.

Include a written reflection on your journey of facing fears and taking action.