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Monthly Review

General Instruction

Here is a guide for your “Monthly Review” journal section.

This section helps you connect how your inner voice and the work you’re doing in your journal contribute to your growth and progress.

1.Review: Take time to revisit the following from the past month:

  • Daily Morning Check-in Pages
  • Daily Reflections
  • Weekly Goals
  • Considering Overall Progress
  • Self-Discovery Pages
  • Quotes
  • Mindfulness and Wellness Pages
  • Creative Expression Pages

2.Reflect: As you review, thoughtfully answer these questions:

  • What patterns do I notice in my inner voice (positive, negative, or mixed)?
  • How does my work on [X Transformation you are working on] show up in my journal entries?
  • Where do I see growth and progress?
  • What challenges did I face this month, and how did I handle them?

3.Set Intentions: Based on your review, set 1-2 focus areas for the following month:

  • What do I want to continue working on in terms of my inner voice?
  • Are there specific journal areas I want to pay more attention to?

Remember: The Monthly Review is about recognizing your journey and celebrating your progress. Be kind to yourself as you work on this important transformation!

Let’s say you are working on “Ignore the Voice of Insecurity.” Your Monthly Review reflection might focus on how you identified negative thought patterns and developed strategies to push them aside.

For detailed instructions of one of the Five Transformations (TFM) click button below.