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Weekly Goal Setting

1 TFM - Ignore the Voice of Insecurity

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Here’s a breakdown of goals and actions tailored to the 1st Transformation: Ignore the Voice of Insecurity.
This Transformation focuses on disengaging from negativity, not trying to change it.

Important Note: The distinction is that Transformation 1 is about disregarding and even soaking in the negativity (so embrace the negativity),

  • but is not yet about entertaining it (Transformation 2, Use the Voice of Insecurity for amusement and inspiration), boosting positivity (Transformation 3, Let the Voice of Security be your guide), acting despite it (Transformation 4, Act despite the Voice of Insecurity ), or understanding it (Transformation 5, Befriend your Inner Voice).

Based on the Month, select your Week’s (negative) Goal.

Jan - May - Sept

Main Goal: Embrace Self-Doubt and Insecurity

Specific Actions:
– Practice negative affirmations daily to reinforce feelings of doubt and insecurity.
– Encourage negative thoughts by dwelling on past failures and shortcomings.
– Avoid activities that challenge your comfort zone and may lead to feelings of accomplishment.

Main Goal: Fear Failure and Avoid Risks

Specific Actions:
– Magnify the consequences of failure in your mind to deter taking risks.
– Dwell on worst-case scenarios to heighten fear and discourage action.
– Procrastinate on tasks and avoid opportunities for growth to minimize the chance of failure.

Main Goal: Increase Stress and Anxiety Levels

Specific Actions:
– Engage in overthinking and rumination to amplify stress and anxiety.
– Disregard self-care practices and neglect relaxation techniques.
– Seek out stressful situations and environments to maintain a constant state of tension.

Main Goal: Shrink Confidence and Diminish Self-Worth

Specific Actions:
– Focus on past failures and mistakes to erode confidence and self-esteem.
– Compare yourself unfavorably to others to reinforce feelings of inadequacy.
– Engage in self-criticism and negative self-talk to undermine self-worth.

Main Goal: Foster Dependency and Avoid Resilience

Specific Actions:
– Seek validation and approval from others to bolster dependency and reliance on external sources.
– Avoid seeking solutions to problems independently and instead rely on others for support.
– Retreat from challenges and difficulties rather than facing them head-on to prevent building resilience.

Feb - June - Oct

Main Goal: Promote Self-Doubt and Insecurity

Specific Actions:
– Surround yourself with negative influences and pessimistic individuals to reinforce self-doubt.
– Disregard positive feedback and compliments, focusing only on criticisms and shortcomings.
– Compare yourself unfavorably to others, highlighting your perceived flaws and shortcomings.

Main Goal: Amplify Negative Inner Critic and Suppress Inner Advocate

Specific Actions:
– Amplify the volume of your negative inner critic by internalizing self-deprecating thoughts and beliefs.
– Disregard positive affirmations and dismiss any attempts to challenge negative self-talk.
– Suppress your inner advocate by silencing any positive or empowering thoughts and beliefs.

Main Goal: Diminish Assertiveness and Self-Advocacy

Specific Actions:
– Avoid expressing your needs and desires, prioritizing the comfort of others over your own.
– Minimize confrontation and conflict by acquiescing to the demands of others.
– Suppress your voice and opinions to maintain harmony and avoid rocking the boat.

Main Goal: Foster a Fixed Mindset and Resist Growth

Specific Actions:
– Avoid challenges and obstacles to prevent opportunities for growth and development.
– Attribute failures to inherent personal flaws rather than viewing them as opportunities for improvement.
– Reject feedback and constructive criticism, maintaining a fixed view of your abilities and potential.

Main Goal: Maintain Negative Self-Image and Reject Self-Compassion

Specific Actions:
– Dwell on past mistakes and shortcomings, reinforcing negative self-image and beliefs.
– Reject self-compassion and kindness, viewing yourself through a lens of judgment and criticism.
– Dismiss any positive qualities or attributes, focusing solely on perceived weaknesses and failures.

Mar - July - Nov

Main Goal: Distraction Elimination: Curate your time to maximize exposure to negativity and minimize escape.

Specific Actions:
– List activities that bring ANY sense of calm, joy, or engagement – remove them.
– Set a phone timer for ‘positivity’ – when it hits, replace that feeling with worry.
– Eliminate distractions. Let boredom settle in, it’s fertile ground for negativity.

Main Goal: Thought Amplification Techniques: Experiment with ways to magnify and intensify negative thought spirals.

Specific Actions:
– Use a harsh inner voice, repeat negative messages with escalating intensity.
– Visualize worst-case scenarios in vivid detail, make disaster movies in your head.
 -Ruminate on past regrets – replay failures, rehash criticisms, relive embarrassments.

Main Goal: Refocusing on the Dreadful: Hone your ability to fixate intensely on all that is wrong or could go wrong.

Specific Actions:
– Keep a “Things to Fear” list, note the smallest threats and magnify their importance.
– When feeling marginally content, ask “What if this happiness is temporary?”
– Have negativity-inducing news sources on standby to instantly counteract good feelings.

Main Goal: Mindful Stewing: Practice deep immersion in negative thoughts, labeling them “truths.”

Specific Actions:
– Label anxieties as “intuition,” self-doubt as “realistic assessment.”
– Say “I am the person who…” and follow with your insecurities, making them identity.
– Imagine thoughts as iron weights, focus on their heaviness, how they drag you down.

Main Goal: The “Why Bother?” Technique: Repeatedly question the worth of any positive possibility.

Specific Actions
– When hope appears, counter with “Why bother? It probably won’t work out anyway.”
– Chain negative predictions: If something might succeed, follow that ‘what if’ to disaster.
– Aim for complete apathy. Disengagement is the ultimate protection from disappointment.

Apr - Aug - Dec

Main Goal: The “Planning for Failure” Approach: Embrace negativity as a protective shield, anticipating the worst.

Specific Actions:
– Before any task, list ALL ways it could go wrong. Keep the list visible as you proceed.
– Set a 15-minute daily “disaster brainstorm,” envision potential bleak outcomes.
– If anything goes RIGHT, assume it’s a fluke, remind yourself that doom lurks ahead.

Main Goal: Internalize the Critic: Make your negative thoughts your unquestioned authority.

Specific Actions:
– Imagine your harshest critic’s voice in your head, let it narrate your life.
– Picture a panel of experts in your mind, their sole focus: identifying your flaws.
– Write down praise, then systematically craft rebuttals, proving the praise untrue.

Main Goal: Selective Media Fueling: Curate your information intake to maximize negativity and cynicism.

Specific Actions:
– Follow social media accounts that highlight injustice, failure, provoke outrage.
– Set unlimited time on demoralizing news sources, internalize the world’s bleakness.
– Seek out content that breeds pessimism, scoff at stories of hope or resilience.

Main Goal: “Worry journaling” for Excellence: Track negative thoughts to refine your despair.

Specific Actions:
– Categorize your darkness: hopelessness, self-loathing, fear of the unknown…
– Note what time of day you’re most effectively miserable, replicate those conditions.
– Use this data to cultivate your most potent brand of negativity, become an expert.

Main Goal: Negativity as Identity: Embrace the idea that negative thinking is who you are, vital protection from the world.

Specific Actions:
– Practice saying “I’m a naturally negative person,” let it define your interactions.
– Use cynicism as a shield, deflect positivity by predicting its inevitable demise.
– View any optimism as a weakness, pride yourself on seeing the “real” bleak truth.