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Daily Reflection

1 TFM - Ignore the Voice of Insecurity

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It’s time to think about how we feel and what we think.
Look at the special question in your Journal (below). Think about it for a little while.

Remember: in the 1st Transformation (Ignore the Voice of Insecurity) you just focus on receiving negative thoughts, without judgements.

So let those thoughts come in and embrace/ welcome them.

The (negative) Reflections will help you do this! 
We suggest you only pick one reflection that matches the week (1-4) and day for each month.

week 1

 What negative thoughts did I encounter today?
How did I embrace and amplify these negative thoughts today?
Did I notice any patterns in my negative thinking?

What triggers or situations tend to activate my Voice of Insecurity?

How did I reinforce negative thoughts today?
Did I use any specific techniques to reinforce negative thinking?
What failures did I have in embracing the Voice of Insecurity today?

week 2

What challenges did I face in embracing negative thoughts?
How did I feel when I successfully embraced negative thoughts?
Did I experience any moments of doubt today?
How did I succumb to my fears and anxieties today?
What strategies did I use to amplify my insecurities?
Did I isolate myself when feeling insecure?
How did I criticize myself in moments of doubt?

week 3

What negative affirmations did I repeat to myself today?
Did I avoid activities that promote self-confidence?
How did I reinforce my inner critic’s voice today?
What steps did I take to become more vulnerable to negative thoughts?
Did I immerse myself in negative thinking without interruption?
How did I cultivate a negative mindset throughout the day?
What regress did I make in shifting my perspective from negative to positive?

week 4

Did I dwell on minor setbacks and failures today?
How did I neglect self-care to exacerbate negative emotions?
Did I avoid activities that bring joy and fulfillment?
How did I avoid opportunities for growth and self-improvement?
Did I dwell on grievances and complaints throughout the day?
What strategies did I ignore to maintain a negative mindset?
How did I reinforce negative beliefs about myself?