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Quotes, Inspirations and Motivation

2 TFM - Use the Voice of Insecurity for amusement and inspiration

It’s time to think about how we feel and what we think.
Quotes, inspirational and motivational prompts are an important tool.


This Transformation aims to shift the perspective and emotional tenor associated with negative thinking. Instead of allowing negative voices to create obstacles, this approach trains the mind to derive something positive from them.

Important Note: The distinction is that Transformation 2 is about amusement and inspiration and:

  • builds on: disregarding and even soaking in the negativity (Transformation 1, Ignore the Voice of Security),
  • but is not yet about: boosting positivity (Transformation 3, Let the Voice of Security be your guide), acting despite it (Transformation 4,Act despite the Voice of Insecurity ), or understanding it (Transformation 5, Befriend your Inner Voice).

These Prompts will help you do this! 
We suggest you only pick one prompt that matches the week (1-4) and day for each month.

week 1

Fear is a silly story your mind tells you. What would you do if you weren’t afraid?

Don’t take your doubts too seriously; they’re just insecure thoughts trying to get attention.

Turn your anxiety into excitement. That same energy can fuel your greatest adventures.

Your inner critic is a comedian waiting to be discovered. Find the humor in their negativity.

Don’t fight your worries; turn them into wacky characters in a play.

Each “what if” is an invitation to write a ridiculous and empowering answer.

Give your anxiety a silly voice and make it argue for why you SHOULD do that brave thing.

Your fear of failure is just a stage fright before your greatest performance.

week 2

Your inner doubts are like pop-up ads; acknowledge them and then get back to your awesome life.

Your worries are excellent material for a stand-up comedy routine – about yourself!

Transform your stress into a ridiculous dance move. It might even go viral.

Imagine your anxieties as cartoon villains; you’re the superhero in this story.

Your inner critic wants a starring role in your life; give them a ridiculous costume instead.

Draw a caricature of your biggest worry. The sillier it looks, the less power it has.

Every time a doubt pops up, imagine it wearing clown shoes.

Turn your “I can’t” into a silly song – even better if it’s off-key.

week 3

Your inner anxieties are just trying to write a bad horror story. Rewrite it with a happy ending.

Your doubts are like spam emails about how awful you are. Delete them without reading.

Exaggerate your worries until they are so absurd you have to laugh.

Your fear of embarrassment is proof you’re about to do something awesome.

Name your inner critic and then have it host a roast battle where YOU win.

When your inner critic gets loud, imagine them with a squeaky chipmunk voice.

Your doubts are just silly monsters under the bed. Shine a light on them and see how small they are.

week 4

Your inner critic is proof you have good taste – you wouldn’t be worried if your goal wasn’t epic.

Instead of fighting fear, channel that energy into creating an outrageous victory dance.

Every time a doubt pops up, respond with an even more outrageously positive affirmation.

Your worries are like clouds; watch them float by without getting attached.

Today, be your own biggest cheerleader – the louder and sillier, the better!

Treat your anxiety like a clingy friend who needs ridiculous advice from you.

Turn your “I can’t” into a silly song – even better if it’s off-key.