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Monthly Review

3 TFM - Let the Voice of Security be your guide

First read the General Instructions. Click here.
(and for Main Introduction, Click here)

In addition below the breakdown of how the Monthly Review differs specifically for Transformation  3.

1. **Daily Morning Check-in Pages:**
In Transformation 3, the focus during the daily morning check-ins is on identifying and reinforcing positive thoughts, strengths, and resilience. Rather than dwelling on potential sources of insecurity, you are encouraged to start your day by acknowledging your capabilities and affirming their confidence. These check-ins may involve affirmations or visualizations that cultivate a mindset dominated by the Voice of Security.

2. **Daily Reflections:**
Daily reflections in Transformation 3 revolve around recognizing instances where the Voice of Security guided decision-making and behavior. You may reflect on moments of self-assurance, accomplishments, or instances where you overcame challenges with confidence. This practice reinforces the importance of nurturing positive internal dialogue and leveraging it as a guiding force in daily life.

3. **Weekly Goals:**
In Transformation 3, weekly goal setting emphasizes aligning actions with the Voice of Security. You may set goals that challenge them to step out of your comfort zone while still honoring your strengths and values. Progress towards these goals is evaluated not only in terms of achievement but also in how well they reflect a mindset of optimism and self-assurance.

4. **Considering Overall Progress:**
-When considering overall progress in Transformation 3, your assess how well you’ve maintained a mindset dominated by the Voice of Security. You reflect on whether their actions and decisions have been driven by confidence and trust in their abilities, rather than influenced by doubts or insecurities. This holistic evaluation emphasizes the importance of internalizing positive self-beliefs for long-term growth and fulfillment.

5. **Self-Discovery Pages:**
Self-discovery pages in Transformation 3 may delve into exploring one’s strengths, values, and sources of confidence. You reflect on how your inner voice shapes your self-perception and approach to life, emphasizing the importance of nurturing a positive self-view. These pages serve as a space for cultivating self-awareness and reinforcing the empowering aspects of the Voice of Security.

6. **Quotes:**
Quotes selected in Transformation 3 often center around themes of confidence, resilience, and self-belief. You draw inspiration from affirmations that reinforce the importance of trusting in oneself and embracing opportunities for growth. These quotes serve as reminders of the transformative power of maintaining a mindset guided by the Voice of Security.

7. **Mindfulness and Wellness Pages:**
Mindfulness and wellness practices in Transformation 3 prioritize techniques that promote inner peace and confidence. You may engage in activities such as positive affirmations, visualization exercises, or gratitude practices to cultivate a sense of security and well-being. These pages serve as a resource for fostering mental resilience and emotional balance.

8. **Creative Expression Pages:**
Creative expression pages in Transformation 3 provide a platform for you to celebrate your strengths and accomplishments. Whether through writing, art, or other forms of expression, you showcase moments where you embraced the Voice of Security and pursued your goals with confidence. These pages serve as a testament to the transformative power of positive self-talk and self-belief.


1. Review
General Instructions Remain the Same: Revisit your journal entries focusing on daily progress, goals, insights, etc.

Transformation 3 Specific Focus: Pay extra attention to instances where you exhibited confidence, embraced a positive outlook, and trusted your abilities. Look for moments where you relied on your strengths and felt a sense of self-assurance.

2. Reflect
General Questions Remain the Same: Reflect on patterns in your inner voice, growth, and challenges.

Transformation 3 Additional Information:
-How bold were my actions? Did I step outside my comfort zone, and how did that feel?
-How did I cultivate optimism? What techniques did I use to reframe negative thoughts or situations?
-Where did I demonstrate resilience? Were there times I faced setbacks or doubts but bounced back? How did I maintain confidence during those moments?

3. Set Intentions:
General Instructions Remain the Same: Set goals for the next month.

Transformation 3 Additional Information

-Embrace the boldness: What opportunities are there to further stretch myself and practice stepping into my confident self?
-Focus on solutions: How can I further cultivate a solution-oriented mindset? Can I focus more on what is possible vs. what isn’t?
Identify strength triggers: What activities or situations amplify my Voice of Security? -How can I intentionally incorporate them into my life?

Key Distinctions from Other Transformations

  • Emphasis on Action: Unlike Transformations 1 and 2, you’re not focused on managing negative thoughts, but on actively embodying the positive ones.
  • Building a Habit of Confidence: This Transformation is about proactively seeking opportunities to exercise confidence and resilience, even in small ways.
  • Internal Strength: The focus is on recognizing and drawing strength from within, as opposed to relying on external validation or negating outside negativity.