The New Kid

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Inse was nervous as he walked into the classroom on the first day of school. He had just moved to the area and didn’t know anyone. The other kids were all talking and laughing with their friends, and Inse felt like an outsider. He sat down at his desk, trying to blend in, but he couldn’t help feeling like he didn’t belong.

Security, his older sister, had started at the same school a few years ago and had made lots of friends. She noticed Inse’s discomfort and came over to sit next to him. “Hey, little bro,” she said with a smile. “How’s your first day going?”

Inse shrugged. “It’s okay, I guess. I just don’t know anyone.”

Curity put her arm around him. “Don’t worry. I’ll help you make some new friends. You just need to be yourself.”

Inse nodded, but he wasn’t sure how to be himself when he felt so insecure. He remembered what Curity had taught him about the five transformations and tried to push the voice of insecurity out of his head.

As the day went on, Curity introduced Inse to some of her friends. They were all nice to him, but he still felt like he didn’t fit in. When it was time for recess, Curity suggested they go play soccer with some of the other kids.

Inse wasn’t very good at soccer, but he tried his best. He felt nervous about making mistakes and embarrassing himself in front of the other kids. Curity noticed his hesitation and came up with a plan.

“Why don’t we team up and play against those guys over there?” she said, pointing to a group of boys who looked like they were good at soccer.

Inse didn’t think it was a good idea, but Curity gave him a reassuring smile. “Trust me,” she said. “We can do this.”

They joined the game and started playing against the other boys. Inse felt a bit more confident with Curity by his side. He started to ignore the voice of insecurity and focus on having fun.

After a few minutes, Inse scored a goal. The other kids cheered, and Inse felt a sense of pride. He had never been good at sports, but with Curity’s help, he had done something he didn’t think was possible.

As they walked back to class after recess, Inse felt a little better about himself. Curity could tell he was still nervous, though. “How about we sit with some of my friends at lunch?” she suggested.

Inse nodded, grateful for his sister’s help. He was still learning how to make friends, but he knew he could count on Curity to guide him through it.

At lunch, Curity introduced Inse to some more kids. They talked about their favorite movies and video games, and Inse started to feel like he was part of the group. He was still a little shy, but he felt like he was making progress.

As the day came to an end, Inse felt tired but happy. He had survived his first day at a new school, and he had even made some new friends. He turned to Curity and smiled. “Thanks for helping me today,” he said.

Curity hugged him. “Anytime, little bro. Remember, you’re not alone. You have me and your new friends to help you through anything.”

Inse nodded, feeling grateful for his sister’s support. He knew he still had a lot to learn about making friends, but he was ready to take on the challenge.

Inse’s first day at a new school was tough, but with Curity’s help, he was able to make some new friends. Through the five transformations, he learned to ignore the voice of insecurity.

As they continued walking, Curity reminded Inse about the five transformations. “Remember, Inse, when you feel insecure or afraid, use the second transformation and find inspiration from that voice of insecurity. Use it to be creative and find solutions to your problems.”

Inse thought about what Curity said and realized that the voice of insecurity could be helpful in finding new ways to approach his struggles. He began to feel a sense of empowerment and confidence.

As they arrived at the school, Curity gave Inse a big hug and said, “You got this, Inse. Remember to be yourself, and everything will fall into place.”

Throughout the day, Inse practiced using the five transformations. When he felt insecure or unsure, he remembered to use the second transformation and find inspiration from that voice of insecurity. He also took action by approaching his classmates and introducing himself.

To his surprise, many of his classmates were eager to get to know him. They were impressed with his kindness and sense of humor. Inse felt a sense of belonging that he had never experienced before.

At the end of the day, Curity met Inse outside the school. He was beaming with joy, and Curity could see the difference in him.

“Inse, you did it! You made new friends and showed them who you really are,” said Curity.

Inse hugged Curity and said, “I couldn’t have done it without you, Curity. Thank you for being my friend and showing me the way.”

Curity smiled and said, “That’s what friends are for, Inse. And always remember, the five transformations are there to help you whenever you need them.”

Inse and Curity walked home together, feeling proud and grateful for each other’s friendship.

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