Transforming Insecurities into Success: Lessons from a Corporate Manager and a Tech Billionaire

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Scene: In some metaverse

Inse is a 42-year-old divorced man with no children, who worked as a middle manager in a corporate firm. He earned a six-figure income, had a master’s degree, and was well-respected in his social circles. He enjoyed reading, hiking, and playing guitar. Inse was always impeccably dressed, but had a tendency to fidget when nervous. He lived in an urban area and had always dreamed of starting his own business.

Curity is a billionaire tech entrepreneur with a commanding presence. She’s married to her work, with no time for a personal life. Her education level is top-notch, and her interests revolve around the cutting-edge of technology. Her lifestyle is fast-paced, and she’s always on the go.

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