From Procrastination to Passion: A Freelance Graphic Designer’s Journey to Success, with Inspiration from a Minimalist Bestselling Author

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Scene: In some metaverse

Inse is a 35-year-old single man who works as a freelance graphic designer. He has a bachelor’s degree in fine arts and an inconsistent income level. He enjoys playing video games and going to concerts but often self-sabotages himself by procrastinating and missing deadlines. Inse has a punk-rock style with tattoos and piercings and is from a counterculture. He lives in a small apartment in a bohemian neighborhood. Inse dreams of becoming a successful graphic designer but has difficulty with discipline and organization.

Curity, a best-selling author, is currently working on a passion project that she’s extremely excited about. She is single and lives a minimalist lifestyle, valuing experiences over material possessions. She enjoys traveling and trying new foods, and stays connected with close friends for support and encouragement.

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