Inse Overcomes Test Anxiety: A Story of the Five Transformations

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The stories age 4+ are deliberately written in language that is understandable for parents. So extra explanation is (intentionally) required while read the bedtime story. This creates more intense parent-child relationship.

Inse and Curity’s Exciting Adventure: Learning to Be Brave

In a land of green grass and tall trees, there lived a boy named Inse and his older sister, Curity. Inse was a little boy who loved to play and laugh, but when it came to tests at school, he felt very anxious and nervous. He always listened to the voice of insecurity that whispered in his ear, “You’ll never do well on this test. You’re not smart enough.”

One day, while playing outside, Curity noticed that Inse seemed sad. “What’s wrong, little brother?” she asked.

“I have a big test coming up and I’m so scared. I don’t think I’ll do well,” Inse replied with a worried frown.

Curity smiled and said, “Don’t worry, Inse. I can help you with that.”

She took Inse on a walk through the beautiful forest, and as they walked, Curity explained to him the five transformations. She told him about how the voice of insecurity could be turned into a source of inspiration, and how the voice of security could help him feel more confident and brave.

As they walked, they saw a beautiful butterfly fluttering in the air. Inse was fascinated by its colors and patterns. But then he started to feel anxious again. “What if I can’t remember all the things I need to know for the test?” he asked Curity.

“Remember the second transformation, Inse,” Curity reminded him. “You can use the voice of insecurity as inspiration. Just like that butterfly, you can transform your fear into something beautiful.”

Inse thought about what Curity said, and suddenly he felt a sense of bravery within him. He could do this!

The next day, Inse went to school feeling more confident than ever. When it was time for the test, he closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He could hear the voice of insecurity whispering in his ear, but he remembered the third transformation and listened to the voice of security instead. He thought of the beautiful butterfly and how he could transform his fear into something beautiful too.

Inse completed the test and waited for his results. When he received his test back, he was surprised and delighted to see that he had done very well! He had used the five transformations to overcome his anxiety and be brave.

That night, as Inse lay in bed, he thought about his adventure with Curity and the five transformations. He smiled to himself and fell asleep feeling proud and confident.

From that day on, Inse never listened to the voice of insecurity again. He knew that with the help of Curity and the five transformations, he could be brave and overcome any challenge that came his way.

The End.

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