Inse Learns to Speak Up

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Inse had always felt left out when he was around other kids. He never knew how to fit in or be part of the group. Inse’s sister, Curity, tried to help him by encouraging him to speak up and be more confident, but it never seemed to work.

One sunny day, Inse and Curity went to the park to play with some of their friends. They were playing a game of tag when Inse accidentally tripped and fell, scraping his knee. Inse was in pain, but he didn’t want to make a big deal out of it. He thought it was better to just keep quiet and not bother anyone.

Curity noticed that Inse was hurt and asked him if he was okay. Inse nodded and tried to hide his pain, but Curity could see that he was struggling. She encouraged him to tell their friends how he was feeling and ask for help. Inse was hesitant at first, but then he remembered the five transformations that Curity had taught him.

He decided to ignore the voice of insecurity that was telling him to stay quiet and not bother anyone. Instead, he used that voice as inspiration to speak up and share his feelings. He took a deep breath and said, “Guys, I hurt my knee and it really hurts. Can someone help me?”

To Inse’s surprise, his friends were more than happy to help him. One friend went to get some bandages and another brought over a bottle of water. Inse felt a warm sense of gratitude towards his friends and he knew that he had made the right decision by speaking up.

From that day forward, Inse started using the voice of security more often. He tried to be more self-confident and creative, just like Curity. He also started taking action to overcome his insecurities by joining new clubs and groups at school. He realized that he was capable of doing so much more than he ever thought possible.

As Inse continued to befriend the two inner voices and use the five transformations, he grew stronger and more resilient. He was no longer afraid of being left out or feeling insecure. Instead, he embraced new experiences and challenges with enthusiasm and curiosity.

In the end, Inse learned a valuable lesson about the power of communication and expressing his feelings. He realized that it’s okay to ask for help and that it’s important to be honest with himself and others. He knew that he still had a lot to learn, but he was excited about the journey ahead.

Short dialogues between Inse and Curity:

Security: “Inse, you don’t have to be afraid of speaking up. Your friends will listen to you.”

Inse: “But what if they don’t want to listen?”

Security: “You’ll never know until you try. Just remember to use the voice of security and be confident.”

Inse: “Okay, I’ll try.”

Security: “I’m proud of you, Inse. You spoke up and asked for help. That takes courage.”

Inse: “Thanks, Curity. I feel better now.”

Security: “See, it wasn’t so bad, was it? You just had to befriend the two inner voices.”

Inse: “Yeah, I guess you’re right.”

Visual descriptive scenery:

Inse and Curity were playing in a lush green park with tall trees and colorful flowers. The sun was shining brightly overhead and the air was filled with the sweet scent of fresh grass. Inse’s friends were running around and laughing, their happy voices echoing through the park.

As Inse tripped and fell, he landed on the soft grass, which cushioned his fall. But when he looked down, he saw that his knee was bleeding. He immediately started to cry. 

Curityreplied, “That’s okay Inse, it’s normal to feel that way sometimes. The important thing is to recognize when you’re feeling left out and to communicate your feelings to your friends.”

Inse nodded, feeling grateful for Curity’s understanding and guidance. He realized that he had been keeping his feelings to himself and not communicating effectively with his friends.

Curitythen explained to Inse about the five transformations and how he could use them to overcome his insecurity. She told him to listen to the voice of insecurity, but to use it as amusement and inspiration instead of letting it control him. She also encouraged him to listen to the voice of security, which was the positive and confident voice inside of him.

Inse was a bit skeptical at first, but Curity assured him that it had helped her overcome her own insecurities. She also reminded him that the journey wouldn’t be easy, but that it was important to take action and befriend both inner voices.

As they walked to school, Inse thought about what Curity had told him. He realized that he had been letting the voice of insecurity control him and that he needed to start listening to the voice of security instead.

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