Inse Learns to Follow the Rules

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Inse was a young boy who struggled with following rules and authority figures. He often found himself getting into trouble at school for breaking rules and not listening to his teachers. He felt like he was always being told what to do and didn’t like feeling controlled.

One day, Inse’s sister Curity noticed that he was particularly upset about getting in trouble at school again. She decided to talk to him about it and see if she could help him understand why rules were important.

“Hey Inse, I noticed you’re feeling upset about getting in trouble at school again. Can you tell me why you have trouble following rules?” Curity asked.

Inse shrugged. “I don’t like being told what to do. I want to be able to make my own decisions and do what I want.”

Curity nodded. “I understand that, but sometimes rules are in place to keep us safe and to make sure everyone is treated fairly. If we don’t follow the rules, it can lead to chaos and hurt people.”

Inse looked skeptical. “But sometimes rules don’t make sense. Like when we have to line up a certain way or wear a certain color shirt.”

Curity smiled. “I understand that some rules might seem silly, but they’re still important to follow. Plus, following rules shows respect for authority figures and teaches us accountability.”

Inse thought about what Curity said and realized that she was right. He decided to try to follow the rules better at school and see how it made a difference.

The next day at school, Inse found himself wanting to break the rules again. He was tempted to talk in class and not pay attention, but he remembered what Curity had said about accountability. He didn’t want to get in trouble again and disappoint his sister.

He took a deep breath and listened to the voice of security in his head. He reminded himself that following rules was important for everyone’s safety and wellbeing. He felt empowered knowing that he was making a positive choice for himself and those around him.

As the day went on, Inse found that he actually enjoyed following the rules. He felt proud of himself for doing the right thing and not getting in trouble. He even noticed that his classmates seemed to respect him more when he followed the rules.

When he got home from school, he excitedly told Curity about his successful day.

“I did it! I followed the rules and didn’t get in trouble!” Inse exclaimed.

Curity smiled. “That’s great, Inse! I’m proud of you for taking accountability and making positive choices. How do you feel?”

Inse grinned. “I feel really good! Following the rules wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be, and I liked feeling proud of myself.”

Curity nodded. “See? It’s all about taking that first step and listening to the voice of security in your head. You did a great job, Inse!”

From then on, Inse made a conscious effort to follow the rules and listen to authority figures. He realized that rules were in place for a reason and that respecting them was important for his own growth and development.

The End.

To come?


Short scene

Inse’s heart sank as he realized the severity of his actions. He knew he had to face the consequences and take responsibility for his actions. With Curity’s guidance, Inse apologized to the librarian and offered to help put the books back on the shelves. He worked diligently for the next hour, carefully placing each book in its proper place.

As they walked home, Curity put her arm around Inse’s shoulder and said, “I know it wasn’t easy for you to admit your mistake and make things right, but I’m so proud of you for doing it. That takes courage and shows that you’re growing into a responsible young man.”

Inse smiled, feeling a sense of pride and accomplishment wash over him. He knew he still had a long way to go, but with the help of Curity and the five transformations, he felt more equipped to handle the challenges that lay ahead.

The two siblings walked back to their house, hand in hand, as the sun set in the distance. Inse felt a newfound sense of Curity and confidence, knowing that he had the power to transform his thoughts and actions, and overcome his insecurities.

The end.

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