Inse Finds Joy in Reading

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Inse had never been much of a reader. He found books boring and didn’t see the point in reading for pleasure. In fact, the thought of sitting down with a book made him feel anxious and insecure.

One day, as he was sitting in his room playing video games, his older sister Curity came in and sat down beside him. She noticed the game he was playing and asked if he had ever read any books about video games. Inse shook his head and said he didn’t know there were books about video games.

Curity smiled and said, “There are books about everything, Inse. Reading can take you on all sorts of adventures, and you might even find something that interests you.”

Inse was skeptical, but he was also curious. He asked Curity to help him find a book about video games, and she eagerly agreed.

The two siblings went to the library the next day, and Curity showed Inse how to search for books on the computer. Inse was amazed at the sheer number of books available and the variety of topics. He couldn’t believe he had never realized how much there was to discover in books.

As they browsed through the video game section, Inse found a book that caught his eye. It was about a boy who was transported into his favorite video game and had to find his way out. Inse thought it sounded exciting, and Curity encouraged him to check it out.

Over the next few days, Inse dove into the book and found himself lost in the story. He was amazed at how much he enjoyed reading and how much he could learn from books. He found himself laughing at the voice of insecurity that told him reading was boring and pointless, and instead, he used that voice as inspiration to keep reading.

One day, Curity asked Inse how he was enjoying the book. Inse smiled and said he loved it. He couldn’t wait to finish it and find more books to read. Curity was thrilled to hear this and told Inse that he had just completed the second transformation – using the voice of insecurity as amusement and inspiration.

As Inse continued to read, he noticed that he was becoming more confident in his abilities. He found himself thinking more positively and feeling more inspired. He realized that he was tapping into the voice of security and seeing the good things in life.

One day, Inse and Curity were sitting on the couch together, reading their books. Inse looked up at his sister and said, “Thank you for helping me find this book, Curity. I never knew reading could be so much fun.”

Curity smiled and replied, “You’re welcome, Inse. Remember, the best adventures can be found in books. You just have to be willing to take that first step.”

Inse nodded, knowing that he had already taken that first step and that he had found a new love for reading. He had completed the fourth transformation – taking action based on what he had learned in the first three transformations.

As Inse and Curity continued to read, they both knew that the voice of insecurity would always be there, but they were now friends with it. They had completed the fifth transformation – befriending the two inner voices.

From that day on, Inse made it a point to read every day. He found joy in discovering new books and exploring new worlds. And he knew that he had Curity to thank for showing him the way.

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