Inse Finds Joy in Reading

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The stories age 4+ are deliberately written in language that is understandable for parents. So extra explanation is (intentionally) required while read the bedtime story. This creates more intense parent-child relationship.

As the sun set over the horizon and the stars began to twinkle in the night sky, Inse couldn’t sleep. He tossed and turned in his bed, his mind filled with worries and fears. He was afraid of monsters under his bed and he couldn’t stop thinking about the math test he had coming up.

Just then, his big sister Curity walked into the room. She could see that Inse was troubled, so she sat down on the edge of his bed and asked him what was wrong. Inse told her all about his fears and worries.

Curity smiled and said, “Inse, I have just the thing to help you. Do you know what I love to do when I can’t sleep?”

Inse shook his head, his curiosity piqued.

“I love to read,” Curity said. “Reading is a great way to escape into another world and forget about your worries for a little while. Let me help you find a book that you’ll love.”

Together, they went to the bookshelf and began to search for the perfect book. Inse was hesitant at first, but Curity encouraged him to keep looking. Finally, they found a book about a brave knight who defeated a scary dragon.

Inse was fascinated by the story and he couldn’t wait to read more. Curity explained to him how the knight overcame his fears and how he never gave up, even when things seemed impossible. As they read, Inse felt his worries slipping away.

After they finished the book, Inse hugged his sister and said, “Thank you, Curity. I feel much better now.”

Curity smiled and said, “Remember, Inse, when you’re feeling scared or worried, just pick up a book and let your imagination take over. And always remember to use the five transformations to help you overcome your fears and become the best version of yourself.”

Inse nodded, feeling grateful for his sister’s wise words.

As they said goodnight and turned off the lights, Inse snuggled into his blankets, feeling safe and secure. He closed his eyes and imagined himself as the brave knight from the book, ready to face any challenge that came his way.

The End

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