Inse and Curity: The Math Wiz

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Inse was a shy boy with messy brown hair and bright blue eyes. He was in the fifth grade and struggled with math. Every time he saw numbers, he would freeze up and hear the voice of insecurity telling him that he was not smart enough.

Security, his older sister, was the opposite. She was confident, always ready to try new things, and excelled in math. She noticed Inse’s struggle and decided to help him.

One sunny afternoon, Curity asked Inse to join her outside to work on a project together. Inse reluctantly agreed, but as they walked outside, he noticed how beautiful the trees looked with their autumn colors. The leaves were changing from green to yellow and red, and the air smelled fresh and crisp.

Curity set up a table and two chairs, and she brought out some math problems for them to work on together. Inse felt his anxiety rising as he looked at the numbers. He heard the voice of insecurity telling him that he would never understand math.

But Curity was there to help. She reminded him of the first transformation, to ignore the voice of insecurity. She told him that it was normal to feel insecure sometimes, but that he should not let it stop him from trying.

As they worked on the problems, Inse heard the voice of insecurity telling him that he was not good enough. But he also heard the voice of security telling him that he was making progress, that he was learning new things, and that he was doing great.

The second transformation was to use the voice of insecurity as inspiration. Inse realized that he could learn from his mistakes and that every time he made a mistake, he could try again and do better. He saw that he was making progress, and this made him feel proud of himself.

After a while, Inse felt more confident. He was using the third transformation, letting himself be guided by the voice of security. He was able to see the good things in life and in himself. He could see that he was capable of learning math and that he was getting better at it.

Inse was now ready for the fourth transformation, taking action. He decided to ask for help when he needed it and to use different resources to improve his math skills. He talked to his teacher and asked for extra help, and he also used online resources to practice math problems.

Curity noticed how hard Inse was working and how much progress he was making. She encouraged him to keep going and to never give up. Inse realized that he was using the fifth transformation, befriending the two inner voices. He learned that both the voice of insecurity and the voice of security would always be there, but he could choose which one to listen to.

Inse and Curity finished their math problems and looked at each other with pride. They both had learned something new that day. Inse learned that he could overcome his fear of math and that he was capable of learning new things. Curity learned that she could help her brother by encouraging him and guiding him through his struggles.

As they walked back inside, Inse felt a sense of accomplishment. He had used the five transformations to become a math wiz, and he knew that he could use them to overcome any challenge that came his way.

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