Inse and Curity: The Friendship Adventure

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The stories age 4+ are deliberately written in language that is understandable for parents. So extra explanation is (intentionally) required while read the bedtime story. This creates more intense parent-child relationship.

Inse and Curity were walking together in a beautiful park, filled with colorful flowers and tall trees that swayed gently in the wind. Inse was feeling a bit sad because he didn’t have any friends to play with in his new school.

“Security, I don’t know how to make friends,” said Inse, with a frown on his face.

“Don’t worry, Inse. Making friends is easy. You just have to be yourself,” replied Curity, with a reassuring smile.

Inse looked at Curity with curiosity. “What do you mean, be myself?”

Curity sat down on a bench and patted the spot next to her, inviting Inse to sit down. “Being yourself means that you don’t have to pretend to be someone else to make friends. You can just be who you are and people will like you for who you are.”

Inse sat down next to Curity, listening intently. “But what if they don’t like me?”

Curity put her arm around Inse’s shoulders. “It’s okay if some people don’t like you. Not everyone will be your friend, and that’s okay. The important thing is that you keep trying and being yourself.”

Inse looked up at the sky, thinking about what Curity had said. Suddenly, he saw a group of kids playing tag in the distance.

“I want to go play with them,” said Inse, feeling a bit nervous.

“Go ahead, Inse. You can do it,” said Curity, giving him a little push.

Inse walked over to the group of kids and hesitated for a moment. But then he remembered what Curity had told him, and he took a deep breath and introduced himself.

“Hi, my name is Inse. Can I play with you guys?”

The other kids looked at Inse and smiled. “Sure, Inse! We would love to play with you!”

Inse smiled back, feeling happy and proud of himself for being brave and making new friends.

As they played together, Inse and Curity watched from afar, smiling at each other.

“You did it, Inse! You made new friends,” said Curity, giving Inse a high-five.

Inse grinned from ear to ear. “Thanks, Curity! I couldn’t have done it without you.”

And with that, Inse and Curity continued their walk in the park, happy and content, knowing that they had each other and that making new friends wasn’t so hard after all.

The end.

Note: Throughout the story, the dialogues between Inse and Curity can be used to explain the five transformations and how they can help children deal with insecurity and build self-confidence. For example, when Inse is feeling nervous, Curity can encourage him to transform his insecurity into inspiration and amusement (second transformation), and then guide him to listen to the voice of security (third transformation) and take action (fourth transformation) to make new friends. Finally, the story can end with a reminder that both the voice of insecurity and the voice of security will always be there (fifth transformation), and that befriending both voices is the key to living a happy and balanced life.

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