Inse and Curity: Learning to Control Anger

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Inse was having a really bad day. First, he woke up late and missed his bus. Then, he forgot his homework at home and got scolded by his teacher. To top it all off, his classmates were making fun of him during recess. As he walked home, he felt angry and frustrated, and his inner voice of insecurity kept telling him that he was a loser.

Curity noticed that something was wrong with her brother as soon as he walked in the door. She could see that he was upset, and she asked him what was wrong. Inse told her everything that had happened that day, and how angry and frustrated he felt. Curity listened carefully, and then she explained to him that he was not alone, and that everyone gets angry sometimes.

“Inse, anger is a natural emotion, but it’s important to learn how to control it,” said Curity. “Do you remember the five transformations we learned about? The second one is about using the voice of insecurity as amusement and inspiration. Can you think of something funny about what happened today?”

Inse thought about it for a moment, and then he remembered how his shoelaces had been untied during recess, and how he had tripped and fallen in front of his classmates. He had been so embarrassed, but now he could see the funny side of it.

“I guess it was pretty funny when I fell,” said Inse, smiling.

“That’s the spirit!” said Curity. “Now, let’s move on to the third transformation. We need to focus on the positive things in our lives, and use the voice of security to guide us. Can you think of something good that happened today?”

Inse thought about it for a moment, and then he remembered how his friend had helped him pick up his books when he dropped them in the hallway.

“Well, my friend helped me pick up my books when I dropped them,” said Inse. “That was nice of him.”

“That’s great,” said Curity. “Now, let’s move on to the fourth transformation. We need to take action to change the situation. What can we do to make things better?”

Inse thought about it for a moment, and then he realized that he could talk to his teacher and explain why he forgot his homework.

“I can talk to my teacher and explain what happened,” said Inse. “Maybe she’ll understand.”

“That’s a good idea,” said Curity. “Now, let’s move on to the fifth transformation. We need to befriend the two inner voices, the voice of insecurity and the voice of security. We need to learn to live with both sides of life. Can you do that?”

Inse thought about it for a moment, and then he realized that he could try to see the good in every situation, even when he felt angry or frustrated.

“I’ll try my best to see the good in every situation,” said Inse.

Curity smiled and hugged her brother. “I know you will,” she said. “And I’ll be here to help you.”

From that day on, Inse tried to control his anger and frustration by using the five transformations. He tried to see the funny side of things, focus on the positive, take action to change the situation, and befriend his two inner voices. With Curity’s help, he learned how to handle his emotions in a healthy way, and he felt much better about himself.

As they sat on the couch, Curity turned to Inse and said, “You know, Inse, you’re a pretty cool brother. You’re smart, funny, and kind. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.”

Curitywatched Inse for a moment, then spoke calmly, “Inse, I know you’re angry right now. But you don’t have to let it control you. You can choose to let it go and move on.”

Inse frowned, “But how? It’s hard to just forget what happened.”

“I know it’s hard,” Curity agreed, “but that’s where the second transformation comes in. Instead of letting the voice of insecurity take over, we can use it as inspiration. What can we learn from this situation? What can we do differently next time?”

Inse thought for a moment, then said slowly, “I could try to talk to the other team and see if we can work out a better plan for next time. And maybe I can practice more so I’m better prepared.”

“Exactly,” Curity said with a smile. “That’s the third transformation – letting yourself be guided by the voice of security. We can focus on the positive things we can do to improve, rather than getting stuck in negative thoughts.”

Inse nodded thoughtfully, feeling a little better already. “I think I understand,” he said.

Curity patted his shoulder. “Good. And remember, the fourth transformation is taking action. So let’s go talk to the other team and see what we can do to make things better next time.”

Together, Inse and Curity went over to the other team and had a productive conversation about how to work together more effectively. Inse felt proud of himself for taking action and trying to make things better. And he knew he could always rely on Curity to help guide him through difficult situations.

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