Inse and Curity Learn to Set Boundaries

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Inse and Curity were siblings, and they had a close bond. However, Inse often felt insecure and struggled to speak up for himself, while Curity was confident and knew how to set healthy boundaries. One day, they went to the park to play with their friends.

As they arrived at the park, they noticed that their friends were already playing a game. Inse felt anxious about joining in, while Curity felt excited to join in the fun. Inse’s voice of insecurity was telling him that he wouldn’t be good enough to play the game, and that he would only embarrass himself. But Curity’s voice of security told her that it would be okay to try something new and that they should just have fun.

Inse hesitated for a moment, but then Curity took his hand and led him over to the group of kids. “Hey, can we play too?” she asked. The other kids welcomed them and showed them how to play the game. Inse’s voice of insecurity started to fade away as he began to enjoy himself.

As the game progressed, Inse noticed that one of the kids was being too aggressive and not playing by the rules. Inse’s voice of insecurity told him not to say anything, but Curity’s voice of security encouraged him to speak up. “Hey, that’s not fair,” Inse said. “We need to play by the rules.”

The other kids agreed and the game continued. However, the aggressive kid continued to break the rules and make the game less fun for everyone. Inse’s voice of insecurity told him to just ignore it and not say anything, but Curity’s voice of security reminded him that it was important to set boundaries.

Inse and Curity took a break from the game and went to get some water. Inse shared his concerns with Curity and she listened attentively. “It’s okay to speak up for yourself and set boundaries,” she said. “It’s not mean, it’s healthy.”

Inse’s voice of insecurity started to transform into inspiration and he felt more confident. He took a deep breath and went back to the game. When the aggressive kid broke the rules again, Inse calmly said, “Hey, can we play by the rules please?” The aggressive kid apologized and started playing fairly.

After the game, Inse and Curity walked home together. Inse felt proud of himself for speaking up and setting boundaries. He realized that it was important to listen to the voice of security and set healthy boundaries in all areas of his life.

The next day, Inse and Curity were at home when their cousin came over to play. Their cousin was always bossy and would take their toys without asking. Inse’s voice of insecurity told him not to say anything, but Curity’s voice of security reminded him that it was important to set boundaries.

“Hey, can you ask before taking our toys?” Inse said to their cousin. Their cousin was taken aback at first, but then apologized and started asking before taking anything.

Inse and Curity learned that setting boundaries wasn’t mean or selfish, but was necessary for healthy relationships. They realized that they could still be kind and respectful while setting boundaries.

From that day on, Inse and Curity made a pact to always listen to their voice of security and set healthy boundaries with their friends and family.

The End.

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