Inse and Curity: Focusing on the Future

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Inse sat in his fifth-grade classroom, staring out the window as his teacher, Ms. Williams, explained a math problem on the board. He couldn’t help but feel like his mind was wandering, as it often did during class. He had trouble staying focused and paying attention, and it was starting to affect his grades.

Security, his older sister, noticed his struggles and wanted to help him. She knew that the five transformations could be a helpful tool for him to improve his attention span and focus. One day, after school, Curity sat down with Inse and explained to him how the five transformations worked.

“Inse, you know that voice in your head that tells you that you can’t do things? That’s the voice of insecurity,” she said.

Inse nodded, recognizing the voice she was talking about. He had heard it before, and it always made him feel like he wasn’t good enough.

“Well, you can use that voice as inspiration,” Curity continued. “Think about why that voice is saying those things to you. What can you learn from it? How can you use it to improve yourself?”

Inse thought about what she said and realized that maybe he could use that voice to motivate himself to do better in school.

The next day in class, Inse tried to put Curity’s advice into practice. Whenever he heard the voice of insecurity telling him he couldn’t do something, he used it as motivation to prove it wrong. He focused on the problem at hand, ignoring the distractions around him. He took deep breaths to calm his mind and stay focused.

Ms. Williams noticed the change in Inse’s behavior and was impressed. She saw him paying attention, participating in class, and even answering questions correctly.

After class, Inse couldn’t wait to tell Curity about his success. “Security, I did it!” he exclaimed. “I used the voice of insecurity to inspire me to focus, and it worked!”

“That’s amazing, Inse!” Curity said, beaming with pride. “You’re on your way to becoming a master of the five transformations.”

Over the next few weeks, Inse continued to use the five transformations to help him stay focused in class. He became more confident in his abilities and his grades improved. He even started to enjoy school more, feeling proud of his accomplishments.

One day, as he was walking home from school, Inse noticed a beautiful garden blooming with colorful flowers. He stopped to admire the scenery, taking in the fragrant smells and bright colors.

He realized that just like the garden, his mind needed to be tended to and cared for in order to grow and flourish. The five transformations were like the tools he needed to help his mind grow and focus, just like the garden needed tools like watering and fertilizer to grow.

Inse was grateful for Curity’s help in teaching him the five transformations. He knew that he could use them to tackle any challenge that came his way.

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