Inse and Curity: Facing Peer Pressure

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Inse had always felt like an outsider. He was shy, and his classmates often made fun of him. He wanted to fit in, but he didn’t want to change who he was.

One day, his classmates invited him to go skateboarding with them after school. Inse was excited to be included, but he didn’t know how to skateboard. His classmates laughed as he stumbled and fell. Inse felt embarrassed, and his voice of insecurity started to speak up. “You’ll never be good at anything,” it whispered. “You’ll never fit in.”

But Curity was there too, whispering in his other ear. “You’re brave for trying something new,” she said. “You’re a kind person, and that’s what really matters.”

As Inse walked home, he thought about what had happened. He felt sad and frustrated. He didn’t want to give up on skateboarding, but he didn’t want to be made fun of either. He knew he had to listen to Curity’s voice if he wanted to feel better.

The next day, Inse talked to Curity about what had happened. She listened carefully and reminded him that he had a choice. He could either let his classmates make him feel bad, or he could stand up for himself and show them that he was brave.

Inse was hesitant at first, but he decided to try. He practiced skateboarding every day after school. He fell a lot, but he kept going.

One day, his classmates saw him practicing. “Hey, Inse, want to come skate with us again?” one of them asked.

Inse felt nervous, but he remembered Curity’s words. “You can do this,” she whispered.

He agreed to go skateboarding with them again. This time, he didn’t worry about falling or looking silly. He focused on having fun and doing his best. His classmates noticed how much he had improved and complimented him. Inse felt proud of himself.

As they were skating, one of Inse’s classmates offered him a cigarette. “Come on, it’s just one,” he said.

Inse felt his voice of insecurity speaking up again. “You’re not cool enough to say no,” it whispered.

But Curity was there too, reminding him of his values. “You know smoking is bad for your health,” she said. “You don’t have to do something just to fit in.”

Inse looked at the cigarette and then back at his classmates. “No thanks,” he said. “I don’t smoke.”

His classmates looked surprised, but then they shrugged and continued skating. Inse felt relieved and proud of himself. He had stood up for himself and made a positive choice.

From that day on, Inse continued to skate with his classmates. They didn’t make fun of him anymore, and he felt like he had earned their respect. He had also earned his own respect, by being true to himself and listening to the voice of security.

The end.

Inse and Curity: Facing Peer Pressure is a story about how to deal with peer pressure and insecurity. Through Inse’s journey, children learn about the importance of standing up for themselves, making positive choices, and listening to their inner voice of security. The five transformations are woven into the story, as Inse learns to ignore his voice of insecurity, use it for amusement and inspiration, let himself be guided by the voice of security, take action, and befriend the two inner voices.

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