Inse and Curity Conquer the Zoo

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Inse was thrilled when Curity announced they were going to the zoo. She had always wanted to see all the exotic animals. However, as they walked past the lions’ den, Inse started to feel uneasy. The lions roared, sending shivers down Inse’s spine.

“Security, I’m scared,” Inse said, gripping onto Curity’s arm tightly.

“Don’t worry, Inse. You’re safe with me,” Curity said reassuringly. “Let’s use the five transformations to help you overcome your fear.”

They started with the first transformation, where they took deep breaths and relaxed their bodies. Curity showed Inse how to do it, and soon, Inse started to feel calmer.

“Okay, Inse, let’s move on to the second transformation. Let’s focus on positive thoughts,” Curity said, smiling.

Inse closed her eyes and imagined herself petting a cute, fluffy kitten. She smiled and felt her fear fading away.

As they walked around the zoo, Curity explained everything they saw, from the monkeys swinging on vines to the elephants spraying water with their trunks. Inse listened intently, feeling more and more fascinated by the different animals.

They came across the reptile house, and Inse shuddered at the thought of seeing snakes and crocodiles. But Curity reminded her of the third transformation, where they faced their fears head-on.

“Let’s go inside and see what’s there. I’ll be right beside you,” Curity said.

Inse took a deep breath and stepped inside. She gasped at the sight of a huge python lying in a glass case. Curity showed Inse how to appreciate the beauty of the snake, and soon, Inse was fascinated by its intricate patterns.

As they moved on to the fourth transformation, where they imagined themselves succeeding, Inse found herself dreaming of becoming a zookeeper one day. She imagined herself taking care of the animals and learning everything there was to know about them.

“Security, I think I want to work here someday,” Inse said excitedly.

“That’s a wonderful dream, Inse. Let’s work towards it,” Curity said, smiling.

As they walked towards the exit, Inse looked back at all the animals they had seen. She felt grateful to have Curity by her side and teach her how to overcome her fear.

“Thanks for bringing me here, Curity. I had so much fun,” Inse said, beaming.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it, Inse. Remember, the fifth transformation is to give thanks for all the good things in life,” Curity said.

Inse closed her eyes and said a silent thank you for all the wonderful animals she had seen and the experience she had shared with Curity.

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